River Neretva - Photo Safari

River Neretva - Photo Safari

The Bus trip from Orebic to Opuzen lasts about 2 hours. The Neretva Delta is a large marshland, rich in flora and fauna, particularly famous as a habitat for numerous species of bird. The area is known to tourists and other visitors as the Croatian California. On arrival at the Delta we continue our voyage of discovery through the many canals and waterways on board a traditional Neretva rivercraft, allowing us to experience and photograph close-up the beauty of this landscape and its unspoiled nature.

Lunch, in an original setting under the open sky, brings the opportunity to sample specialities of the region, prepared in the traditional way. Accompanied by live music, this is an unforgettable experience, that will linger in the mind of every guest. In summer Lake Kuta offers the chance for a refreshing dip.

On request we can arrange visits to a rich ornithological collection with 229 samples of rare bird species, and a famous museum containing remains of a Roman Temple with 17 lifesize marble statues. Return to Orebic around 18:00

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